Soil and Groundwater Modeling 

Modeling of contaminant fate and transport, groundwater flow direction, and other contaminant characteristics enables a better understanding of the subsurface. GeoTek utilizes several computer models to demonstrate low risk projects for closure, or to target areas of concern and put the available sampling resources to their most efficient use.

GeoTek maintains the risk-based models utilized by the states of South Dakota and Iowa and has a close working relationship with the software developers. Visual MODFLOW, BioPlume, and BioScreen are also utilized for 3-D modeling and project presentations.

GeoTek has utilized new and specialized technologies to assess the subsurface at a number of project sites by contracting these services. Laser Induced Florescence (LIF) has been used on several petroleum free product sites. Tar-specific Green Optical Screening Tool (TarGOSTTM) was used as an initial phase of assessment at a manufactured gas plant site. Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) technology has been used on petroleum and solvent release sites.

Statistical analysis of data is also available using Visual Sampling Plan.