Contamination Assessment/Remediation 

GeoTek has the capabilities of performing assessments to determine the magnitude and extent of a contaminant release in the soil and groundwater. We have performed assessments of petroleum, metals, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, volatile organic compounds, and other types of contaminant releases.

These assessments have been performed at hundreds of sites across the region within a wide range of geological settings. This experience has provided us with an excellent understanding of the subsurface conditions that can be expected across the area and is valuable knowledge when emergency conditions exist.

We have the ability to respond quickly to project sites and perform subsurface assessment when emergency situations arise because we own four drill rigs and employ two full time experienced drilling crews. We utilize hollow stem auger and split spoon sampling methods for soil sample collection and well installation. We maintain an inventory of materials for monitoring and recovery well construction.

Several GeoTek staff members have provided expert witness services. This has included testimony at trial or for discovery depositions. The company has also been retained by law firms to review the technical completeness of work done by others.

GeoTek provides a number of other services to address concerns in the area of landfills, storm water, industrial pre-treatment and water supply.

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