Emergency Spill Response 

GeoTek has the capability to perform 24 hour emergency response for petroleum and chemical releases. Our staff has 40 Hour OSHA Hazardous Material training, and maintains a supply of spill response clean-up materials and equipment. This includes personal protective equipment, sorbent pads and booms, drums, tanks, pumps, hoses, monitoring equipment, cell phones, etc. The company maintains a 16 foot enclosed trailer with an inventory of clean-up materials and equipment for quick deployment. In addition, GeoTek has the ability to subcontract with experienced firms for vacuum truck, excavation, transportation/disposal, and other services. The scope of our work has varied from small petroleum releases from the saddle tanks of semi-trucks to large chemical spills.

GeoTek is currently under a multi year contract with the State of South Dakota for Regulated Substance Discharge Response and for Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund work. The contracts include assessment of abandoned storage tank sites, emergency regulated substance discharge response, remedial investigations, risk assessments, Phase I, II, and III site assessments, feasibility studies to recommend alternative corrective actions, Corrective Action Designs and Corrective Action Cleanups, and Targeted Brownfield Assessments.