Foundation and Slab Distress 

Our professional engineering staff has extensive experience in performing foundation and slab distress to aid in identifying the soil-related causes of distress and/or failure, and to aid in determining appropriate remedial construction recommendations. Common distress and/or failures related to soil movement and geotechnical problems include the following:

Foundation and Floor Distress
Soil Settlement
Heave/Expansive Soils
Slope Movement
Retaining Wall Movement
Water/Moisture Intrusion
Pavement Distress

Our foundation and slab distress services typically consist of the following:

Observation of Distress
Review of Construction Documents and Test Reports
Review of Maps and Aerial Photographs
Review of Survey Information
Settlement and Heave Analysis
Crack Monitoring
Subsurface Sampling
Laboratory Testing
Data Analysis
Engineering Evaluation
Remedial Repair Recommendations
Report Preparation